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Make the font with strong light sense and texture(original tutorial)

The poster designed this time is emphasized on the light sense and the texture.

Final effects:

Now, let’s begin to analyze the making procedure.

Step 1, Create a new document at 600x800px, as shown in figure,

Firstly, select the color and set up the foreground and the background color, as shown in figure.

Step 2, It is ok if the background effect achieves or closes to the offered effect.

Step 3, Next, we will use the brush, brush download:http://www.brushking.eu/397/free-hi-res-splatter-photoshop-brush-set.html
Load the brush in the PHOTOSHOP software and make the effect below

Step 4, You can prepare the characters and the font I use is FZCuYuan. Put the characters among the document and I can begin to debug the layer style.

Finally, we get such effect,

The style is ok and next we make it more stereo.

Step 5, Copy the laohei layer and move the layer below down, as shown in figure.

Step 6, It looks stiff and we use filter->blur->Gaussian blur to make it much softer,

We copy the layer which is Gaussian blurred again and use the filter->blur->Motion blur. After the Motion blur, we move the position down and copy several motion blurred layers and adjust their positions up or down to obtain the very three-dimensional effect .

The 3D effect above is more or less and next we will make is more textural, moreover, add highlights on the margin.

Step 7, Press on the ctrl key and use the mouse to click “laohei 3 copy”. The selection appears,

Next, stroke

Step 8, Set up the brush and use the brush to wipe the part which is without highlights away.

Step 9, Add the mask to the layer with stroke and use the brush wipe the part which is without highlights away.

Step 10, Create a new layer and adjust the mode to “soft light”. Use the white brush to make light effects on the highlights.

Step 11, Next, select the laohei part and press on ctrl+shift+I keys to remove the unusable part without characters and you can obtain the effect below. 

Step 12, Next, set the dark green textual Design font and the method is the same as above. Only the color is changed.

Step 13, Let’s look at the style parameters,

Note: the color here. You can use the eyedropper tool to absorb the color.

Step 14, I omitted the intermediate steps. The highlights here must be green not white and adjust it to soft light,

Let’s look at the overall effect.

Step 15, The font and the texture are almost shown, but the upside is too empty to the overall layout, therefore, we need to add some characters to adorn it.

Ok, the overall effect is almost finished.

Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin. http://4-designer.com/2013/01/make-the-font-with-strong-light-sense-and-texture

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Important note:
Pin for file decompression: 4-designer.com

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial but it doesn’t make sense.

    After step 4 you already have 14 layers.
    There’s no explanation of layer 5 and how you put the layer mask there.

    The result if you try follow your steps looks nothing like your finished version.

    You need to explain every step clearly for a good tutorial otherwise your readers will be lost like me.

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