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Simple and useful flame effect (original tutorial)

Ornamental effect

Simple and useful flame effect 1

Step 1: Creating a new appropriate background, filling it with black and importing graphics or text.

Simple and useful flame effect


Step 2: outer glow

Simple and useful flame effect 3


Step 3: Using color overlay is for the better adjustment of color at the later stage.

Simple and useful flame effect 4


Step 4: Using inner glow can make some transparent effect.

Simple and useful flame effect 5
Step 5: Gloss, also a very important step; the overall result is here and you can try to adjust the value to see what changes have happened.

Simple and useful flame effect 6


Step 6: Using mask to fade the above.

Simple and useful flame effect 7


Step 7: Using the liquefied forward warp tool and adjusting the brush to the right size and begin to warp some of the major parts. (Do be slow, or the picture will be easily vague.)

Simple and useful flame effect 8


Step 8: Opening the appropriate flame image, entering the channel box and choosing the red layer. Using CTRL + left mouse button to click on the red layer and load into the highlights. Back to the layers, using the move tool to move the selected area into the text file and make the flame above the text layer.(note: we use channels here to load into the selected areas. Please ensure that all channels are visible during the moving, or what you moved will be black and white)

Simple and useful flame effect 9


Step 9: Importing the flame material and choosing the Screen mode to put the right flame in the right position and curtain off the redundant part with mask. (Be patient and overlying the right flame little by little, and then the effect is out. This is the key step.)

Simple and useful flame effect 10


Step 10: Creating a new layer above the background layer and draw an oval selection in the center. According to the pixel of your canvas to feather and fill colors. (This step is to make the whole picture more harmony and also can highlight the theme.)

Simple and useful flame effect 11


The final step: The overall adjustment of colors, adjustment of details, and some parts can be sharpened to show the picture appears to be layered. (In fact, I am not careful enough.)

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  1. What kind of picture do i use for this because it looks like you used an outline or something. What could i use?

  2. Hi

    As a new Photoshop user I got totally lost on step 2onwards – I managed to find a few of the steps by hunting through the programme can it be made a bit easier with each step stating where we can find these tools in photoshop?

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  4. Hello, I found your website recently. What Photoshop version did you make this tut in? There is a program for such fire effects – flame painter. It’s really cool online toy.

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