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Eraser Packing Texture ICON Tutorial (Includes PSD file)(original tutorial)

Eraser Packing Texture ICON Tutorial

There is no shortcut for complicated shapes but to read the effect picture more. From the PSD files, we can see that the layer style is basically not used, but just some irregular projection or highlights.

Step 1, Use the pen in your hand to make a simple draw and not complicated as well as just draw the shape in your mind firstly.

Step 2, Use the camera to shoot it and lead it into the Photoshop as well as draw the shape with the pen.

a, Use “||||”to draw the groove and adjust the word space.
b, Give it a pixel with white overlay to make it more textural.
Step 3, Use Google to find an eraser picture and observe the texture of the plastic of the material object.

From the observation, we can see that the plastic packing seems to be so complex and the shape is irregular. The transparent and irregular white block forms the highlights, and then the irregular black block is the shadow. Therefore, we draw the black part firstly because one part is black then another part will be white basing on the comparison and the effect appears immediately.

You can draw freely and the more you draw, the stronger the fold sense is ,as well as the more the practice ,the more the feelings are. We need to pay attention to the fold which has direction and use the pen tool to draw the rout when you draw the projection with radian as well as convert it into the selection.

Step 4, We need to use the dodge and burn tool to depict the eraser and don’t think that the gradient tool can solve the problem when you draw the complicated objections.

Step 5, Add the highlights, We have mentioned it above that adding some irregular shapes as well as transparency and irregular white part to form the highlights.

a. Add one pixel highlight can make the crease more prominent.
b. Follow the rout of the eraser to draw the highlights.
c. Use the pen tool to draw the shape and then use the smudge tool to make the corrugated sense.
Step 6, Where there is highlight there is projection and refine the projection.

a. Project the red eraser to the base, therefore, we need to draw a transparent red color lump with low degree.
b. The convex part of the base will be also projected by the eraser, therefore, we need to add some shadows.

Step 7, Observe and do not ignore any pixel to perfect the details.

a. Observe the projection carefully and I suggest that you divide it into two layers to deal with it here. The first layer use motion blur and the second layer use Gaussian blur. Pay attention to the projection in part(2). We can use the smudge tool to move the projection inside and please do not use the projection of the layer style.
b. Add some scratches.
c. If the comparison is not obvious, we can adjust the levels in the corresponding base layer to make the contrast of the texture stronger.

Step 8, The final effect picture is as shown in figure

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