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The tutorial of making the icon of jeans effect(original tutorial)

According to their own understanding of how to make denim texture icon.
This is final effects:

Step 1, Create a file which is used to make the icon file and a small file used for copying the texture of jeans.

Step 2, Use the 1px pencil to draw the oblique line in the 5*5 file and make the fill pattern be with the transparent bottom.

Step 3, Define the background color in the icon document and I use such dark blue color of #072041

Step 4, Create a new blank layer on the ‘background’ and use the defined black oblique line to fill the document. You need to change the color of the oblique line here and there is no special requirement to the color only lighter than that of the background.

Step 5, Denim is not so smooth, so we need to add the basic effect to the background. First of all, we add ‘Noise’ to the ‘background’ and then add ‘Dust & Scratches

Step 6, We move on to deal with the texture of the oblique after completing the ‘background’ and we add ‘Film Grain’ effect to the ‘line’ layer.

Next, we create a new black layer named ‘shade’ with the filling value is ‘0%’ .

And add a ‘Gradient Overlay’ layer styles to the ‘shade’.

Step 7, We start drawing the icon after finishing the background part and firstly use the rounded rectangle tool to draw a box which is also the pocket of the jeans

filling value is ‘0%’. We begin to set the layer styles and you can do as you wish to use the straw to gain the color value.

Step 8, After drawing the ‘bag’ on the bottom of the pocket, we copy one layer named “bag 2” as the outer of the pocket and use pen tool to adjust the shape to build up the overall shape of the pocket.

Step 9, Begin to draw the special suture of the jeans. Let’s set the ‘Brush’ and adjust the size to 2px. The other parameters are as shown in the picture:

Next, adjust the shape tool into the path mode and draw a smaller rectangle than the border of the pocket. Set the foreground color into yellow gray and we can adjust the color later.

Then, move to “stroke path” and select the brush in the panels to find the dashes effect.
Use the same way to draw another line.

The middle horizontal line. To draw a line means to stroke.

Create a new layer and use the same color pencil to draw the crossing part of the heads of the lines. There is no need to be meticulous and it is not the jeans style of being meticulous.

Step 10, Begin to add the texture of the jeans to the pocket and copy the ‘line’ layer to name it ‘line background’ as well as drag it under the suture on the ‘bag 2’ and gain the selective part of the ‘bag’ layer. Narrow the selective part to 2px.

Make a mask to get the texture which just covers the pocket as well as change the mixed model into “screen” and the effect needs to be different from the background.

At this time, if you feel the suture is too dark, you can simply adjust the color.

Step 11, Let’s put something into the pocket, for example, put an iphone into it.

Turn to the selective part of the layer ‘bag 2’ and make an inverted mask to the iphone. The preliminary effect that put the iphone into the pocket is finished.

Next, move to make the stereo effect of the pocket and copy the ‘bag 2’ layer as well as make it rasterized and we use the rasterized layer to make procession.

We use the ‘Burn Tool’ sized 50px and adjust the exposure lower. Reverse to the iphone and dark the edge of it to get the stereo effect.

I need to explain it here that when we make the layer rasterized, the layer effect is not rasterized. The method I used is creating a new blank layer and merge it with the copy layer to keep the layer effect.

Step 12, Add a soft shadows between iphone and jeans
At last, make a small logo as a decoration to finish it..

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