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Draw an iTunes icon with Photoshop(original tutorial)

Since I am unoccupied, here I would like to share with you a demonstration on how to draw an iTune icon. Please pay attention to how I draw an icon from nothing.

PSD source files

Step 1, First, establish a 512×512 canvas.

Step 2, Set the Guides and leave an edge distance of 20px in all sides, that’s to say, the actual size of the icon is 472×472.

Step 3, Press against the guides and draw a perfect circle with the “shape” tool, and the size of the circle should be 472×472; then name the layer as “outside”.

Step 4, Set a style for the layer

Step 5, Establish a 452×452 circle with the circle shape tool; name it as “middle”; make it be horizontally vertical to the “outside” circle and center alignment, that is to say, the radius of “middle” should be 20px less than that of “outside”

Step 6, Set the layer style of “middle”.

Step 7, Draw a 442×442 circle and make it horizontally vertical to the other two circles and center alignment. We now have 3 concentric circles; we name this new layer as “inner” and set the layer style as “Gradient Overlay”

Step 8, Now ,we should draw the sculpt part in the circles. We should first draw another 422×422 circle;we name it “ball-outside”; make it horizontally vertical to the other three circles and form 4 concentric circles.

Set the layer style and we can get basic effects.

Step 9, Now it’s time to start the sculpt of the musical note. The musical note consists of 5 parts——two oblique ovals, two erect rectangles and one beveled rectangle. We now draw with the tool of pen shape and finally combine the five parts to form the sculpt of the musical note. Steps include:

The note consists of 5 parts; use the path shape tool;
Draw the five parts properly; clip all paths to a same layer; combine all paths; click”combine” to combine all paths into one path.

Step 10, Add layer styles to the musical note.

The final effect of the note:

Step 11, Finally, combine the musical note and circles, and the icon is almost completed.

Step 12, To increase the texture of the icon, we should firstly establish a layer, and name it as “noise”; fill it with black color; select from the menu bar in an order of “Filter->Noise->Add Noise”.

When it is completed, move this layer onto the layer of “outside”; press “ctrl+alt+G” to cover this layer and the layer of “outside”.

Step 13, Change the layer mode of “noise” to “Screen”. Now the texture of the outer circle is completed.

Step 14, Copy one layer of “noise” and move it onto the layer of the musical note; press “ctrl+alt+G” to cover this layer and the musical note layer; Also, change the layer mode of “noise” as “Screen”;now the texture of the musical note is completed.

Step 15, Now we should set the highlight effect of the blue ball surface. Add highlight for the top part at first.

First, draw a circle with “Shape” tool; then adjust the path of the circle with “Pen” tool;

Add a style for the layer;

now add reflect light on the bottom:
Draw a circle path with the “Shape” tool; choose a path with the path-selecting tool; copy the path and conduct a subtle adjustment to the bottom path; click this tool again to overlap the two paths and get a circle shape formed by reflection light from the bottom.

Change the transparency of the layer to 50%, and change the mode to “Soft Light”.

16, Make final polishment and it’s done.

The overall light should be coordinated;
The color of the icon should be as bright as possible;
Details are very important. Texture can be emphasized by using Inner Shadow or Drop Shadow and subtle Gradient.

Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin.http://4-designer.com/2013/06/draw-an-itunes-icon-with-photoshop-original-tutorial

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