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Draw tomato with PS(original tutorial)

In Hand Drawing of PS, the most required thing is patience. I don’t list detailed parameters in this paper, only steps and ideas of Hand Drawing. You should work out parameters by yourselves. I hope my steps and ideas will be helpful to you.

Step 1, draw such a path with Pen tool. It is not a regular oval.

Step 2, Sketch paths of other parts with the Pen again.

Step 3, In this step, draw the light and shadow relationship of the general structure of the tomato, still with the Pen tool. In my case, I draw it in separate pieces, then fill in colors and feather paths. As to parameters, just follow your feelings.

Step 4, To further depict the tomato, “light” is very important. The method is same as above.

Step 5, To draw grains on the surface of the tomato, create a layer of the shape of the tomato, and add “Filter-Texture-Grain”. The mode of the layer is “Dissolve” and the transparency is about 10%, or you can try other methods.

Step 6, As same with step three, continue to depict the luster of the tomato. The drawing of cracks is simpler, just draw out the path, fill in colors and stroke(1px).

Step 7, To draw the split of the tomato, you should be patient enough. It requires little technology, and the method is same as above. The drawing of the particles in the split is same as that of particles on the surface.

Step 8, Draw out the general light-shadow relationship of the tomato pulp, and continue to enhance it. We can still use path-feather method here, and I have combined “Brush tool” to complete some small details(pulp has certain luster and transparency, so certain transparency is required when setting the brush).

Step 9, To draw some juice and pulp flow out of the tomato, brushes are also used to draw the pulp. You can try the several brushes in the red box and may have different feelings.

Step 10, A fresh tomato should have some dewdrops on it.

Step 11, The drawing of the dewdrops is same as that of other water drops. Water drops are transparent, so remember to adjust the transparency. Copy similar water drops, then adjust their sizes, shapes and light. Vector path is required here.

Step 12, Draw tomato leaves. Leaves of a ripened tomato will not be very fresh. To make them look more beautiful, I have drawn very fresh leaves.

Step 13, Noises can make leaves look furry. Look carefully and you will discover there are fine white furs on the leaves. The furs can be drawn with paths or brushes.

Step 14, Finally we have completed it.

Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin. http://4-designer.com/2013/07/draw-tomato-with-ps/

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