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Emboss and Contour are so easy!(Original tutorial)

Through following demonstration, I will make it easier for you to understand the significant effects of Bevel Emboss and Contour .

Let’s see an example firstly.

The major difference between the two is in contour, and the contours in the bevel embosses can not be omitted to the tool itself. All contours in the PS must be treated one by one because they vary in function and effect.

Well, to make it easy to understand, let’s see the contour firstly in the following picture.

The height expressed by the linear here is the height defined by the contour. Where there is any sawtooth, select “Anti-aliased”.

The type of a contour directly decides the stereo structure of the graphic.

Do you find that the contours are similar to the cross sections of the above graphics? You are right, they are examples of contours we talk about here.

Now let’s see the settings of the bevel and emboss.

Since we are familiar with “styles” and “method”, we will know their effects after trying. Here we will focus on explaining other attributes.

1. Depth and size

Depth: control the top of the emboss.
Size: control the width of the emboss(take the outer edge as the starting point).
Soften: control the turning degree of the corner.

2. Angle and height

Angle: direction of light source
Height: angle irradiated by light

3. Gloss contour

Though it is also called contour, but it is “gloss contour” here. It is for controlling the overall light and shade.

Please see the graphic, other values are considered as unchanged here.

Postscript: these are all of the principles of Bevel and Contour. Other relevant parameters are easy to understand and you will know their usages after trying to adjust. Contour is highly directly and often results in influence after directly changing sizes of graphics, so it is necessary to adjust specific values to optimum at any time.

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