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Learn to draw a cassette pixel graphic

Hello, today I would like to share steps for drawing a pixel graphic. It is very simple, and everyone can do it.

Let’s begin from a cassette.

Step 1, Get the tool prepared: the Pencil Tool in PS

Newly establish a 256×256 file, with its resolution rate as 72; amplify the canvas to 400% with Zoom Tool; select the Pencil Tool again and adjust the size of the Brush as 1px; newly create a layer; then we can move on to draw a pixel graphic.

Step 2, Draw sidelines of a cassette
The purpose of this step is to define the outline of the cassette.There is no any shortcut for this, you can only dot with the Pencil Tool and make more use of the shift button to draw longer lines.

Pay attention to that the sidelines should be 1px and pixel overlaying should be avoided in corners so as to avoid uneven sidelines.

Step 3, Coloring
Newly create a layer under the wireframe layer. We can use a bigger pencil brush to color it.

Step 4, Add highlight and shadow
Newly create a layer upon all layers, and use an 1px pencil to add highlight and shadow to make the cassette appear three-dimensional.

Step 5, Add texture
Continue to create a new layer between the color layer and the wireframe layer(a good habit of creating new layers will convenient modification during drawing ); draw texture on this layer; keep the part that needs to be added with texture and erase away other parts with the Eraser Tool.

Step 6, Add text decoration
Still, create a new layer upon all layers and write the text with a 1px pencil.

Step 7, Finally, modify some details to complete the pixel graphic.

You can draw various cassettes with this method.

This is only a general drawing direction to inform you steps of drawing a pixel graphic. To be skilled in it, you should do more practice.

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