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Make A Movie Poster

Ornamental effect

The part of details

Section 1: Background Processing

Step 1, Create a picture with the size of 1500×1200 in PS.

Step 2, Create a background layer folder, and drag the prepared stone background materials into this folder.

Step 3, Use curves to adjust the layer and deepen the background.

Step 4, Deepen continually, but maintain the concentrating effect of dim around and bright in the center, this concentrating effect can be achieved by masking-out.

Step 5, As the pure black background seems lifeless, a little bit of cool color is added to the background. The method of operation is: create a solid color layer, the color value is #4b565c, choose overlay for the layer style and the layer opacity is 60%, and then add cool color to the background materials. In order to give the poster a sense of mystery, I have drew a simple geometric symbol with shape tool and then place it on the background layer, the background layer is then completed.

Section 2: Flame Scratches Processing

An analysis is first made:

From the above analysis we can see that the color effects of most burning flames are very similar,
As long as we understand the above simple rules, we can use a brush to draw the burning effect.

In this section, the tool most used is brush, in order to have a softer effect, the brush is set: opacity 10%, flows 10-50%, hardness 0.

Step 1, First use pen tools to draw the shape of the opening crack.

Step 2, Drag the vector shape of the crack from AI to PS, and put it in the following position and name the layer “scratches”.

Step 3, Use pen tools to draw the yellow part inside the crack, shown in figure 3, and then create a shadow layer within the crack layer, use brush to draw the shadow effect.

Step 4, Increase materials for the crack.

Step 5, Use painting brush to draw the shadow part and the boundary line between light and dark, as is shown in the following figure.

Step 6, Use painting brush to draw the dazzling light sensation inside the crack.

Step 7, Draw the effect of burning metal and the reflection it generates.

Step 8, Use brush to draw the ambient light and highlight of the entire scratch.

Step 9, Put some mars materials on the top layer of the scratch, and the effect is shown below.

Step 10, Copy two scratch effects, and put them on two sides.

Step 11, Increase the smoke effect for the scratch.

Step 12, The part of details.

In this way, the most important part of the poster, that is, the flame scratches, is finished. It is relatively simple, and the key is to draw the burning effect with brushes, shown in the following figure.

Section 3: The Title of Poster

Step 1, Typeset the fonts and increase the gradient effect.

Step 2, Add these two lines of fonts with materials, and the main title is WOLVERINE, the material I post is relatively softer, and fonts for date are thicker in materials and darker in color. I use the “clipping mask” function, which means to embed the material layer into the lower font layer, as is shown in the figure.

In addition, in order to make the gradient effect of the materials and the fonts softer, I choose Material Layer – Blending Options – Overlay.

The method of mosaic is: place the cursor of mouse in the middle of the parent layer and the sub-layer, press Alt (PC shortcut key), when the cursor of mouse appears a corner down arrow, click the left mouse button.

Step 3, Increase the three-dimensional effect for the date, and the concrete style of layer is as follows.

Step 4, Increase the three-dimensional effect for WOLVERINE.

Step 5, Then convert the obtained effect to a “smart object”.

Step 6, And then add a layer style to the smart object layer.

Step 7, When we finish it, and then add some small prints like that in other posters, as the yellow box shows.

Step 8, The final step is to increase foreground flame effect for the poster.

Note: Material is available to be downloaded.Movie-Poster-Material
Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin. http://4-designer.com/2013/08/make-a-movie-poster/

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