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Use PS to make folding ruler font effect(original tutorial)

Today I saw a folding ruler at home, and it inspired me to make the font style with the folding ruler effect. It is quite easier, and I hope you can add your own thought to the operation.

Step 1, Open a text document.

Step 2, Draw a shape as follows with the shape tool, flexibility is the key to font design, and the parameters are just used for reference rather than copy.

Step 3, Set bevel and emboss for the graph, pay attention to the different transparency in the highlight model and the shadow model respectively.

Step 4, Paste wood texture. Place the texture layer at the top of the graph, rotate the texture and adjust its direction, the screenshot below has reduced the transparency of the texture in order to indicate the position of the graph. Wood texture material

Step 5, Choose wood texture, press Ctrl and click on the vector mask of the shape so as to choose the pixel, then click the button of “add layer mask” at the bottom of the layer window, as the picture shows:

Step 6, Do the invert changes according to the fonts, the color of texture can be adjusted based on changes in hue, brightness and etc.

As for the small rivet of the folding ruler fonts, the operation is too easy to be elaborated again.

Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin. http://4-designer.com/2013/08/use-ps-to-make-folding-ruler-font-effect

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