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3 minutes to make a hairy ball

Step 1, Create a picture with the size of 500x500px in PS.

Step 2, Create a new layer and draw a circle, fill color.

Step 3, Filter-Noise-Add Noise, Amount:20%, Distribution:Gaussian.

Step 4, Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur, Radius:1.5 pixels.

Step 5, Filter-Blur-Radial Blur, Amount:30, Blue Method:Zoom, Quality:Good.

Step 6, (Crucial step) smudge tool, brush:2px, strength:80%, apply at the edge of the image, produce furry effect, Very simple. But requires patience.

Step 7, Create new shadow and highlight layers, Shadow layer:Multiply, translucent black. Highlight layer:Overlay, translucent white.

Step 8, Add shadows. Tuning the details.

Time: 3 minutes. Complete!

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