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How to make double exposure photos in PS?

Double exposure, namely, means to expose the photo two times when shooting in order to overlap the images on one photo and make the picture look richer. This tutorial will teach you how to achieve double exposure effect in PS.

1. Open a street photo as the background

2. Then prepare a portrait picture, directly drag it into the canvas, adjust its size by the transform tool, set the “mixed mode” of the portrait layers to “lighten” or “screen”.

3. Now there is already the effect of double exposure, if you want to go in-depth, you can try to adjust the curves and colors, here I’ll show you how to adjust the curve alone to the portrait.

How can the image exactly shown in the silhouette only? The principle is that the first exposed black silhouette belongs to the unexposed area in the film, and in the second exposure, that area will capture the second image, so the double exposed image merely shows in the range of the silhouette.

4. Certainly, photo selection is very important. The operation will be easier if it is a good photo, but if it is a complex photo, how can we make double exposure? Next I will show you how to operate, choose two photos, and set the “mixed mode” of the portrait layer to “screen”.

5. We can already see the effect. But it is still in a mess, now we adopt the “quick mask” for the background layer, then erase places that affect the aesthetic feeling inside the mask.

6. Next deepen the color of the background layer, in order to present a better effect, add a curve layer in front of the background layer, the operation is as follows.

Setp 7,

8. Select the erase tool, set the foreground color to black, and then select the “quick mask” of the copy layer of the portrait, erase the portrait with the eraser to expose the face of the girl, this step is critical. After that, set the transparency to adjust the effect.

Ornamental effect

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