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Rapid Making of Liquid Filled Glass Text

The font effect achieved by this tutorial is divided into two parts. The first is the glass text and the second is the liquid part. Making of the two parts are basically the same. Both are done with layer styles, except that the liquid part requires rendering of the texture after delineation of the flowing shape with the pen.

Step 1, Create a new document and enter the text. Color: #dbdbdb, You can choose whichever font you like. Copy the text layer. Then you can get the two layers, as shown in the picture.

Step 2, Double-click the layer at the bottom and adopt the following blend mode:

Step 3, Double-click the layer on top and adopt the following blend mode:

Step 4, Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle which can cover the lower half of the text. The color should be #aa4280. Make sure that the rectangle shape layer is between the two text layers, as shown in the image:

Step 5, Select the “anchor point tool” and start adding points at the top edge of the rectangle shape

Step 6, After adding the points, start adjust the edge with these anchor points. The adjustment will determine flow direction of the liquid. Use “Direct Selection Tool” to select those points and move them up and down.

Step 7, Select the first layer and select overlay for blend mode (as shown in the following Figure 1). Then select the finished rectangle shape and copy a rasterize layer; right click the icon at the bottom layer of the text to create invert selection. Delete the excessive part of the shape.

Step 8, What follows is the creation of blend mode of the text in order to achieve the effect of flowing liquid, as shown in the following picture.

Step 9, You can change the tune by adjusting with Hue &Saturation if you like.


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