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Making pink, cute and textured text effect with PS

Today, I will show you how to create a simple and lovely text effect. In this tutorials, you will use brushes and patterns. If you don’t install them, please check on Google. Fonts, brushes, PSD source files are available for download at the end of the article.

1. First of all, we create a 1200x600px canvas. Create a new layer, double-click on it to open the Layer Style window and select Gradient Overlay. The settings are shown below. Then create a new layer on top of the other, put the material on it, and set this latest layer to Soft Light and 40% Opacity

2. Next, we create a text. First enter text on the canvas, and then duplicate the text layer, named as “happy_1” and “happy_2”. Set the Layer Style of “happy_1”. (Note: the Fill Value of two layers should be set to 0)

3. Then set the Layer Style of “happy_2” .

4. Now the text effect is presented, but it is not textured enough, so we paint the Highlight with Sparkle Brushes, and pay attention to adjusting the size. In this way, the effect will be better.

5. So far, this lovely text effect has been completed. It seems so simple, right?

Click here to download the material and PSD files

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