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The Film Frozen’s Poster Effect Production

A poster of the Disney 3D film Frozen creates a great effect, so that I will copy it to share with everyone.

Click here to download the needed materials.

1. Background Production
Raw Material

a. Adjust the color balance of pictures > create clipping mask.

b. Create a new layer and fill the blue #194765, with the layer properties as Overlay.

c. Borrow some material from the original poster, duplicate it to create two copies, and then put them on the background we have just made.

Integrate the surroundings into the background by using the mask to wipe them.

Handle the background according to personal preferences. Here I circle some bright areas, and put them in the middle of the background, making the transverse central portion bright.

d. Paste an ice flower to decorate the background. You may generally draw a ice flower.

e. Rotate the drawn ice flower, zoom in and out of it, and randomly place it on the background, with the layer properties as Division or Overlay.

2. Production of Big Ice Circles
a. You can make your own ice flower, create a new 800*800 canvas, find the center to draw a corner, design your own graphics, and finally copy it to rotate into a hexagonal ice flower.

b. Place the new ice flower we have just created in the middle of the background, set the layer’s Fill to 0, and duplicate it to create two layers, with the layer properties as follows:

Blending options of the above layer’s ice flower

Blending options of the below layer’s ice flower

c. Put the two layers’ ice flowers into one group, and set the group to Blend Style.

Effect picture as follows

d. Add a mask, and erase the transverse central portion, preparing for the intermediate text.

e. Use the hand-painted board to paint some highlights with white at random.

3. Fonts Production
a. Find the appropriate font, enter your text, change into a path, and make a little bold, debugging and deformation.

b. Copy the background to create a new layer superimposed on the text graphics, adjust Levels and Color, making the text deeper than the background, and add the inner shadow to the text. You may adjust parameters on your own, with the purpose to make the text clearer.

c. Hide the above text layer, and start making the white ice and snows outside of the text.

The above graphics are composed of the following graphics.

Open the above text layer, and its effect is as follows:

d. Depict the text’s edges, and make them irregular as much as you can. I randomly draw on the text with the hand-painted board as the following two pictures.

Because the effect is not obvious, I add a layer mask in the group of text layer, making the text more irregular.

e. Depict the text’s edges with the dark brush.

f. Add the effect of snows and snow falling on the ready-made text layer.

g. Make the picture ornamented with stars.

h. Add subtitle to ornament the picture, and the final effect is as follows:

Thanks to the author Nina for providing the tutorial.

Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin.http://4-designer.com/2014/03/the-film-frozens-poster-effect-production

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