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Use PS for Making the Fonts with Season Crack Texture

Today, I will teach you to create the font effects with season crack texture. The relevant material and PSD have been packaged, click here to download.

1.Create a new 1200×600 canvas, drag “bg.jpg” into the canvas as its background, and then put “Grain.jpg” on the background as a texture layer, with the layer mode as “multiply”, as well as add a mask to the texture layer, and erase the middle part to leave space for font effects.

2. Then make font effects. first of all, enter the text as you wish. What I use is “EXIST”, copy it into two layers, which are named “exist_1” and “exist_2” respectively.

3. Set the two layers’ styles respectively. First, set the layer style of “exist_1”

4. Then set the layer style of “exist_2”

5. Make the texture effect now. The texture effect is the superposition of two pictures. Hold the CTRL key and click any text layer to select text, and copy its corresponding layer on two layers respectively.

6. Overlap the two layers together, and establish a group of “Texture Overlay”, and then put this group in the middle of the two text layers.

7. Start with adjusting the color now, open the “Texture Overlay” group, and create a new color balance at the top of this group to adjust the layers, with the parameters as follows.

Adjust the “Shadow” and “Intermediate Value”.

8. By this time the hue is very light on the whole image, so you should continue to adjust its integral color. The three layers used are color balance, vignette effect respectively.
As for color balance, adjust the “Shadow” and “Intermediate Value”.

As for vignette, adjust the “RGB” and “Blue”.

9. The vignette layer is the gradient from transparent to black. Then change the mode of this layer to “multiply”, and appropriately reduce the opacity to your liking.

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