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Eight Efficient Shortcuts of Sketch

This article is to introduce some shortcuts as the elementary Sketch, which can improve the work efficiency. It is simple enough to operate. You can get started quickly as long as you remember the shortcut keys. It is much easier to learn than PS.

1. Renaming Layers Quickly
Select a layer with cmd+R, enter a name, press Enter to be sure, press TAB to the next layer, and then repeat the previous step. Return to the previous layer with shift+TAB

2. Management of Drawing Boards
Just like AI, there are multiple drawing boards in a file of Sketch, and the line spacing and column number among the drawing boards can be adjusted.

After setting them up, clicking Make Grid can automatically help you establish 2 rows and 5 columns, as well as line spacing.

3. Exporting All the Drawing Boards
You can not only export all design drafts at once as a pop-up box appears by pressing comd+Shift+E, but also select a part of the design drafts to export, so that it is very convenient for iterative design.
There is a tip that if you add “/” while naming a canvas, it will automatically set up a folder with a corresponding title, as shown in the figure.

4. The Distance Between One-click Measuring Objects
Hold down the Option key to see the distance in time, and then move the objects to have a look. What a perfect function! Let’s Option+comd and have a look.

5. Fast Color Reproduction
Select your object (arbitrary! It can be a button or a text). A big magnifier appears when you press control+C. It is very convenient to select colors, so that you can change colors for the selected object in real time. What a convenience!! How can you not love it?!

6. Zooming Function
Select the object that you want to see, and press comd+2 for enlarging it to a more reasonable size for your screen, which depends on the software window size. Press Comd+1 for narrowing the object to see all the drawing boards.
Press Comd+0 for narrowing the object to 100%. Hold down Z for a magnifier and magnify the selected area, while press Z+Option for narrowing it. Press Comd+Plus Sign for magnifying the selected area to its 100%, 200% and 400%, while comd+ Minus Sign is the opposite.

7. Group Setting
In accordance with AI, comd+G can generate groups after selecting objects.

8. Locking a Layer
Press Comd+Shift+L for locking a layer, while click the small lock to unlock it.

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Pin for file decompression: 4-designer.com