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How to Make the Effect of Torn Paper

The effects of origami, scroll and bookmark, as well as the cool effect of torn paper that is introduced today, are often used for making paper page design.

1. Create a new 1100×800 canvas, fill the background layer with color, create a new layer of 300px color block on the top of the background layer, and add a gradient layer mask to the rectangular box, making the above layer blend with the background.

2. Bring an image to be torn into the canvas.

3. Appropriately distort the image by pressing Ctrl+T.

4. As shown below, use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to select any sawtooth as you wish.

5. Edit in Quick Mask Mode by pressing the Q key, and choose Filter > Pixelate > Lattice, numerical values as shown in the figure.

6. Repeat the lattice effect by pressing Ctrl+F, and exit the checkbox of Quick Mask Mode by pressing the Q key.

7. Press Ctrl+X for cropping the image in the checkbox, and paste in place with Ctrl+Shift+V, so as to divide the image into two sections.

8. Adjust the positions of the left image and the right image.

9. Create a Layer 2, load the Image 1 as a selection, and fill it with the color #e1e1e1.

10. Paste the Layer 2 to a Layer 3, load the Layer 3 as a selection, pan up 1px, inverse the selection by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I, delete the excess, stroke with the remaining 1px, and fill this selection with white color, as a highlight if the Layer 1 on the left.

11. Similarly, according to the Step 10, make the 1px stroke, and fill it with black, 80% Opacity, Multiply, 10px Gauss fuzzy, as the drop shadow of Layer 1.

12. Repeat the Steps 9-11, make the torn effect of the right image, and add the drop shadow to the whole image.

13. Add little embers and bottom shadow for adjusting atmosphere. It’s accomplished.

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