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How should we deal with colors matching

Today’s content is about the basis of color especially for students missing the professional course, and I hope you will no longer feel that they are accomplished just by talent after watching it.

Which is more delicious?

Which is funnier?

Which is more feminine?

Which ad should be used when a new store opens?

Which is more expected to be watched?

Which makes you willing to offer help?

If you can decisively judge the above few pictures, then you have normal color perception and you are still prosperous.

What is color?

In a rational perspective: the performance of the wavelength of light reflected from an object the human eyes see

In a sensible perspective: humans will produce different psychological feelings after seeing different colors

Three properties of color

Hue / purity / lightness

Color Temperature: Cold
Cold colors are basically about blue, purple and white.
Why are these cold colors? Because when the natural world, gets cold, it basically shows these colors. We can see in the left figure that clothes of the male hero looks more warm, because it reminds people of the flame of the sun, thus naturally bringing the warm feeling.

Color temperature: Warm
Warm colors, of course, make people feel hot when watching them, such as red and yellow; watch the picture in the bottom left, don’t you feel hot to sweat?

Color Gender: Male
As for the color of male, there’s basically no color, since colors of very low purity are often used and even black and white can be boldly used.

Color Gender: Female
As for the color of women, basically it can be summed up with one word: pink.
Pink brings more soft feeling and has no sense of attack; for women, they feel it safe and lovely; of course, there are exceptions to everything; for those who only like black, white and gray, they are usually iron ladies.

Color Gender: Children
Children need the strong hue to learn to recognize the color, but their awareness of the color’s difference basically is only about hue rather than lightness and shades; therefore, color designed for children should use bright colors and full hue design as less as possible.

Industry attributes of color

The first point of a successful color scheme
One color that makes people know the color of the page at first glance

The above content is only the beginning of knowledge about the color composition; I will later write some color matching technique in the actual practice and expect to help everyone.


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