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The Effects of Common Rock Font in the Game

Today, I have attempted to design the rock font and following I will share it with all of you.

The Font Effects

The effects put in the background

First, the synthetic process of background
The course mainly introduces the working process of the font, so the background seems to be a little rough. I am so sorry about that. Besides, three materials, including primitive man, mountains and rainforest need to be found on the internet, then mix them together.

The Synthetic Background

Second, the working process of the effects of rock font
a. choose a suitable font and a bit harder one is the better.

b. variant, choose a kind of suitable variant effects according to the whole layout

c. be more optional
Choose the anchor and drag it in a free way to achieve your desired effects

d. increase the thickness
Copy one layer of shape and overlay it below. Then, change the shape through moving the anchor as well.

e. increase the crack
Add two anchors to both left and right sides of the anchor. Drag it out and add the color and the outer strokes.

f. reinforce the highlights
Copy a layer of shape and move down a few pixels. Find the non-overlapping areas by way of copying and pasting.

Then, choose an area which needs highlights through pen tool. Find the overlapping areas by way of coping and pasting.

When the above shape has been formed, change the color into white and choose the soft light as the layer effects.

g. increase the shadow
Add some shadows on the bottom by using the same way mentioned above. As for the color, the black 20 percents will be the best choice.

h. reinforce the stereoscopic effects on the surface
The step can be done at your own will.

i. increase the stereoscopic effect to the bottom
The step can also be made at your own will. Add an outer stroke to the background form layer at the bottom after finishing the drawing.

j. Texture Effects
Finally, just some effects needs to be added, like noisy points, texture, oil painting and sharpening.

Enlarge the picture to check the effects. It is better to draw it a little bigger at the beginning of the drawing so that it is easy to do some adjustments.

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