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Drawing Vector Cheese Fonts with PS

You can create a lovely cheese font by just a few simple steps. Would you like to have a try have to quickly try at once?

Download PSD file

Step 1. Create a background first, fill it with a Radial Gradient and some color as you like, and then add some noise to the filter.

Step 2. Use the Rounded Rectangle Tool to draw a plate, and select the Gradient Overlay as its layer style, with Color #d5d5cb and #f5f3ec

Copy/Paste it into a new layer, Fill to 0%, and select the Inner shadow (#b7b0a8) and Drop Shadow as the style of first layer.

Select the Drop Shadow as the style of the second layer, and make the shadow a little heavier.

Add some shadow at the bottom the shadow.

Step 3. Add the concave of food to the plate.
Draw a rounded rectangle, Fill to 0%. Copy/Paste it into a new layer, select the Inner Shadow (the concave) and the Drop Shadow (transition edge, Color #e3dfd2) as the style of the first layer, and then erase its lower part with a Mask.

Add the Color #e3dfd2 tothe second layer, and then erase its upper part with a Mask.

Adjust and then Copy/Paste it into the other three, and line them up.

Step 4. Create your own fonts in AI, import them into PS, and select a Shape Layer.

Step 5. Add Layer Styles to the two layers, respectively.
Add the yellowish Inner Shadow (1px Highlight) / Gradient Overlay(#e8c55b to #fce06e) / Drop Shadow to the first layer.

Add the deep yellow Gradient Overlay (#d1a84f to #e0b95a)/ Drop Shadow to the second layer.

Step 6. Now draw numerous cheese holes. First draw an ellipse with the Shape Tool, and then change its shape with the Direct Selection Tool.

Step 7. According to this idea, draw a layer of holes on the flat section of the cheese, and then draw a layer of holes on its side, and put these holes naturally, randomly.

Add the Layer Styles, Inner Shadow and Drop Shadow to these holes.
The light-colored holes/The dark holes

Step 8. You may Copy/Paste the shaded part of the cheese into a new layer, fill it with black and apply Motion Blur, and then reduce the Opacity and change its Blending Mode for a favorite effect.

Step 9. Finally, you may draw a cup of coffee or other decorations to finish your work. Please don’t ask me why knife and fork are misplaced. I just casually put a few decorations on it.

Anyone is welcomed to redistribute and quote the content only if he or she notes its origin. http://4-designer.com/2014/09/drawing-vector-cheese-fonts-with-ps

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