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5 Steps to Easily Create Magnificent 3D Characters

How powerful can layer styles be? Today, I will show you guys with a living example, and the process will not be that difficult as long as you know how to make a skillful use of layer styles.

PSD and material file download

1. Design the Text Effect
Now, let’s make the text effect. Of course, the first step is to type texts on the canvas, here, it is important to note that you should try to choose some art fonts so that the effect will be much better, the font I use here is “Matura MT Script Capitals”, you can search fonts on Baidu.com by yourselves and download the one you like, then combine the Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T) to well handle the perspective.

In order to show its thickness, we constantly copy the layer towards the new direction. The concrete steps are as follows:

Firstly, select the text layer and press and hold down the “ALT” key

Keep on pressing the “↑” and “→” keys back and forth

Adjust the direction properly and you can try it many times.

Combine the copied layers into one layer and put it under the text layer.

Next, we are going to add effect to the text and there are two methods:

a. Add different layer styles to the “text layer” and the “thickness layer” respectively, and then use the paintbrush to do color dodge or deepening in an overall way.

b. Use the Pen Tool to decompose the “thickness layer” into the “upper layer”, the “upper right layer” and the “lower right layer”, and then set the layer styles respectively. This method is recommended in most cases.

Layer Style of the “Text Layer”

Layer Style of the “Upper Layer”

Layer Style of the “Upper Right Layer”

Layer Style of the “Lower Right Layer”

This is the effect picture after setting. The above parameters are for reference only and you might as well try a little more to find the best method suitable for you. Here, I have to explain why I recommend the second method, for it has the following concrete advantages:

The gradient effect of every face can be set independently.
You can directly add texture to it.
You can also try the first method and then compare the effect pictures gained by the two methods to see which the better one is.

2. Add highlights
Next, let’s add highlights to the text, the common practice is to overlay highlight materials, here Guigui also applied such a method and made a lens flare effect. The specific steps are as follows:
How to overlay highlights: Change the layer mode of highlight materials to “Screen” and then appropriately adjust the opacity.
Lighting Brush: Download Package for 14 Sets of Top-Level PS Lighting Brushes

How to make lens flare:
Create a new layer, fill it with black and right click to convert it to be a smart object.
Open Filter-Render-Lens Flare to set up the parameters.
Change the layer mode to “Screen”, and if you want to revise the effect, you can do a quick modification by double clicking to open the smart object.

3. Add Particles
In order to make the effect more dynamic, we can add some particle materials at the bottom of the text, they can be placed freely and you can find materials you like on Baidu.com.

4. Overall Color Modulation
Next, let’s adjust the hue of the whole picture, tools such as “Color Balance”, “Selective Color”, “Curve” etc. are commonly used in this kind of color modulation, here only “Color Balance” and “Curves” are used.

5. Final Processing
The last step we have to do is sharpen, the concrete operations are: press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to combine all the layers, then execute Filter-Others-High Pass with a moderate numerical value, and then change the mode of this layer to be “Overlay”.

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