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11. [3D] transport trucks the truck trailer MAX source file

3D; the MAX; transport; trucks; trucks; trailer

12. MAX monomer exquisite sofa

MAX; sofa; 3D model; furniture; household; furniture; 3D material

13. [3D] transport cruise fishing boats the maritime sea level MAX source file

3D; transport; cruise; fishing boats; shipping; sea level; MAX source file

14. Dining table MAX

table; chair; dining table; chairs; 3D; furniture; MAX

15. 4 BMW car 3D model

3d; Max model; 3D model; car model; the BMW; BMW; automobile; max model material

16. The wardrobe model for MAX

wardrobe; 3D; furniture; MAX

17. To Launch Pad max material

startup stage; 3D material

18. F16 & mig23 fighter model (without a map. Versions max2012)

airplane model; model; aircraft; fighter; machinery; max; max2012; 3dmax; 3dsmax; 3d; 3dmax2012

19. Disc 3d model

max; 2009 version; attached material

20. M1911a1 type pistol model (without maps. Versions max2012)

pistol model; model; instruments; weapons; max; max2012; 3dmax; 3dsmax; 3d; 3dmax2012