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1. The brush stroke Vector

brush; strokes; painting; colors; painting; tools; Vector; Vector brushes

2. The tutorial of spooklight(original tutorial)

...re as shown in figure. In the work path, click the right key to carry out "stroke path". Step 4, The new created layer is named "2" and the brush is white. Press "F5" and the parameters are as shown in figure. Continue to do "stroke path". Step 5, The new created layer is named "3" and the b...

3. Inflatable doll Baymax quick painting strategy attached with PSD

...in the head. 17. Fill the arm with the color value A8B0B3 18.Use brush stroke in size 150 and hardness 0 to smear the sense of volume 19. Set the outside light to be white in transparency 22 and length 27 20. Deepen shadow projection of the body in the arm; the principle is the closer contac...