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1. Red Chinese style auspicious Chinese knot buttons personalized wedding background Free download

Background;personality;red;wedding;auspicious;button;Chinese style;Chinese knot;ai

2. Variety of Chinese wind card background vector material

Patterns;background;cards;patterns;Chinese wind;vector Chinese wind;Phoenix;classical style;Chinese elements;cards background;tradition

3. Chinese dragon background vector material

Chinese dragon;dragon;background;2012;pattern;shading;totem;patterns;vector material

4. Chinese calligraphy background vector material

Vector;calligraphy;font;background;text;Vector material;characters;Chinese;China Wind

5. Chinese New Year Vector background

Graphic Design;Vector material;background;Chinese wind;New Year;Plum;pomegranate;red;holiday

6. Chinese dragon background 01 vector material

Chinese dragon; Long; shape of a dragon; background; 2012; Vector

7. Chinese dragon background 02 vector material

Chinese Dragon; dragon; shape of a dragon; background; 2012; patterns; shading; Vector

8. Chinese dragon background 03 vector material

Chinese Dragon; dragon; shape of a dragon; background; 2012; shading; totem; patterns; Vector

9. Traditional Chinese dragon pattern background material

Dragon;background;shading;Chinese dragon;dragon;pattern;vector material;tradition

10. Chinese classical style shading background vector material

Pattern;vector background;background;classical;patterns;shading;tiled background;continuous background;Chinese style