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1. Christmas decorative elements

Vector material;Christmas;Christmas lob;candle;cane sugar;Christmas tree;Christmas bell;snowman;gingerbread man;Christmas socks;gift;gifts;AI

2. Christmas decorative elements 02 vector material

Christmas; decorative; elements; ball; Christmas tree; bow; lace; side crying; Ribbon; bells; snow; patterns; Vector

3. European Christmas decorative elements

Christmas decorative elements such as pattern border vector material;Vector material;Vector;design material;creative design;festival material;Christmas;pattern;lace;dividing line;dividers;border;character;bells;Continental;Vintage;nostalgia;EPS

4. Christmas ornament vector decorative elements

Christmas ornament;decorative elements;branches;bow;ribbons;snow;pegged to the ball;garlands;pine needles;white background picture material;Christmas AI vector material Free

5. Lovely Christmas decorative elements vector material

Christmas; Christmas gifts; Christmas tree; crutches; decorative ball; hanging ball; lovely; brass bell; bells; xmas; Vector; stripes

6. beautiful Christmas decoration elements 01 vector material

fine; Christmas; ball; Ribbon; red berries; pearls; festivals; decorative; elements; Vector

7. European Christmas decorative elements

Vector material;Vector;design material;creative design;festival material;Christmas;pattern;lace;dividing line;border;people;bell;Continental;retro;nostalgia;EPS

8. beautiful Christmas decoration elements 02 vector material

fine; Christmas; ball; Ribbon; red berries; pearls; festivals; decorative; banner; banner; well reported; elements; Vector

9. Christmas Sales discount decorative elements vector material

Christmas; discount; purchase.; Sales; discounts; hanging ball; lob; Christmas hats; gift; dimensional characters; snowman; Christmas tree; tag; labels; snow; candles; pentagram ; shopping bags; Bag; Vector

10. Red Christmas graphic elements Vector red; Christmas; design elements; elements; ball; bright star; small pompon; stars; decorations; gift box; Christmas tree; posters; background; pictures; festivals