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1. Christmas discount sales vector material

Sales; mall; decorative; Christmas tree; Santa Claus; lovely; snow; discount; sales; barcode; bar code; volume angle; purchase.

2. Christmas discount sales vector material

tags; tag; Christmas; snow; decorative ball; hanging ball; purchase.; Discount; sales; discounted

3. Vector Christmas discount sales calendar

Christmas; shopping; discount; sales; decorative; Santa Claus; snow; discounts; purchase.; Ribbon; tag; to change Oh ago; colorful; bow vector material; Merry; christmas; tags

4. Christmas sales icon vector material

Ribbon;golden;ribbons;dialog;dialogue bubble;fall;Maple Leaf;hand;new;stickers;bells;Christmas;sales;discounts;fivepointed star;clouds;vector material;EPS format

5. Christmas Sales discount decorative elements vector material

Christmas; discount; purchase.; Sales; discounts; hanging ball; lob; Christmas hats; gift; dimensional characters; snowman; Christmas tree; tag; labels; snow; candles; pentagram ; shopping bags; Bag; Vector

6. Golden ribbon and Christmas sales icon vector material

Ribbon; of gold; Choudai; dialog box; dialogue bubbles; fall; Maple Leaf; hand; new; stickers; brass bell; Christmas; sales; discount; fivepointed star; clouds ; Vector

7. Christmas crystal ball and sales tag vector material

crystal ball; snow; house; starlight; flash; castle; fireworks; glass ball; purchase.; Snow; Christmas tree; labels; tag; tag; Vector

8. Cute Santa Claus sales tag vector material

Lovely;Santa Claus;sales tag;vector material;candles;bell;Christmas hats;cup;candy;EPS format

9. Vector belated Christmas

Christmas; Santa Claus; New Year; tag; discount; sales; Christmas tree; cartoon; lovely; Ribbon; the Dentate circular; crutches; bow; socks; hanging ball; ornaments; Christmas gift; of copper bells; snowman; snow; leaves; gift box; gift; festival; Vector

10. Happy Thanksgiving Christmas vector material

CDR;Thanksgiving;shopping bags;holiday sales;gift;Christmas vector material;PROMOTIONS;joy of Christmas;holiday promotions;heartshaped light;moving picture material Christmas;;;