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1. Fruit label vector material

fruit; strawberries; cherry; label; graphics; bottle stickers; Vector

2. Fruit character label vector material

Labels;classic and practical

3. Simple and practical fruit label series vector material 1

Vector material;EPS format;fruit labels;Food & Fruit

4. Needle like leaves fruit pattern label vector material

Needlelike leaves;fruit pattern;labels;Apple;pears;bright flowers;roses;lilies;plant labels

5. Bright dripping fruit label banner vector material

Fruits;label;banner material

6. Lovely fruit arrow sticker label vector material

Cute;simplicity;fruit;Green Apple;carrots;arrow;cherries;tag;stickers;icons;vector material;eps format

7. Exquisite fruit trademark labels vector material

Creativity;design;plane;vision;fresh;simple;fashion;dynamic;dazzling;colorful;personality;trend;round;icons;vintage;trademark;Green;environmental protection;fruit;pastoral;agriculture;handpainted;Europe and the United States;strawberries;Oranges

8. A variety of fine fruit label tag vector materials

Vector icons;apples;icon;barcode;fruit;listing;blueberries;red berries;paper stickers;plums;Peach

9. Retro style bottle labels affixed natural fruit and vegetable theme vector material design

Retro;style;natural;fruits and vegetables;apples;wheat;maize;cotton;fruit;theme;label;bottle affixed;icon;elements;design;vector

10. Fruit Topics tab vector material

Fruit Themes tab template vector, fruits, tomatoes, garlic, labels, eps format