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1. 5 color label vector

bottle cap; labels; stickers; vectors; material

2. Card label Labels Vector

tags; the tag; cards; listed; Medals; Ribbon; shields; Medal; Crown; gold; vectors; Labels

3. 10 cute label tag vector material

cute; sales; labels; tag; listed; rope; bulletin board; vectors; material

4. European classical label bottle stickers Vector

exquisite; bottles marked; labels; beautifully; ringed; European; classic; vectors; Vector

5. Multiple shapes golden label vector material

tags; tag; listed; Medals; Medal; badge; recognition; shields; peach heart; heartshaped; Medal; radiation; gold; Crown; vectors; Labels; material

6. Green Spring Sales tag label vector material

Green; spring; sales; Sale; discount; discounted; promotion; tag; labels; knuckle; stickers; shopping bags; vectors; material; leaves; green leaves; discounts

7. Sophisticated two dimensional code scanning label vector material

Business;barcode;SALE;other vectors;scanning labels;dimensional code;delicate

8. 10 models fine shape label ribbon vector material

tags; tag; listed; shields; shape; circular; publicity card; patterns; lace; bulletin board; Ribbon; ribbons; wheat; vectors; badge

9. Multiple Phnom Penh Medal of label vector material

labels; tag; listed; Medals; Medal; badge; recognition; honor; Ribbon; shields; Medal; gold; Crown; radiation; vectors; Labels; material

10. The card Vector models pestering Ribbon

Ribbon; ribbons; gift with; cards; greeting cards; label; patterns; wound; white paper; knuckle; purchase.; Hot; power; design; banner; vectors; material