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1. New Year Spring Festival

Vector New Year greeting cards;New Year greeting cards;Chinese New Year material;lanterns;red;Greeting material;posters;festive material;CDR format

2. New Year Spring Festival poster

...ers;China and India;couplets;firecrackers;red;celebration;celebrate;Spring Festival;Gold;calligraphy;seal;New Year;Posters;Spring posters;Spring materials;lanterns;clouds;fire;Chinese style;Chinese New Year;shading;the new material;holiday material;Vector Spring Festival;vector;eps

3. Fortuna New Year pictures articles classic New Year, Spring Festival element vector material

Cartoon Fortuna; colorful decoration; painting; New Year pictures; Vector; goalkeeper; blessing; New Year; ingot; carp; Lamei; Fortuna; festival; New Year

4. Chinese New Year Lantern Festival lantern Vector

Chinese New Year; lanterns; fu; fu characters; baskets; auspicious; Spring Festival grilles; paper cutting; vector; auspicious; smug; good luck; New Year; ai

5. Art of calligraphy font set Classic New Year, Spring Festival, the elements of vector material

Spring Festival material; New Year material; 2008 fonts; blessing; celebrate New Year; the Belford Figure; packed with colorful; Auspicious; Lantern Festival; Spring Festival couplets; big New Year; New Year; blessing; Vector; access to safe; handwriting; seasons peace; Happy New Year; calligraphy; ...

6. Happy Chinese New Year

Year; festival; New Year; New Year; Spring Festival; Lantern; lion; peony; background; lanterns

7. Chinese New Year Lantern Festival lantern Ram vector material

New Year;2015;red;papercut

8. Paper cutting pattern classic New Year, Spring Festival elements vector material

New Year material; Spring Festival material; annual surplus; Chinese knot; Fortuna; Vector; blessing; New Year

9. Lunar New Year Spring Festival Fortuna AI vector material

Children;cartoon;Spring;Lunar New Year;Jintongyunv;cartoon characters;Fortuna;Treasurer;ingot

10. 2009 Spring Festival cdr element package vector material

Vector Spring Festival material; 2009; lovely Fortuna; the paper cutting Cattle; luck; Happy New Year; New Year; blessing; China Wind; Chinese traditional festivals; Vector; Happy; New; Year; honor HE New Year; Happy New Year; Ox; packed with colorful; New Year