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1. Golden label sticker


2. Fashion label sticker


3. Cartoon sticker label

Stickers; stickers; cartoon; lovely; paper; clouds; owl; stars; bow; moon; vector material; EPS format

4. Colorful sticker label vector material

Advertising design;label

5. Sticker label page vector material

Creativity;sticker;web;signs;tag;cup;dialog box;telephone;car;ai;eps;Vector

6. Cute cartoon sticker label vector material

Cartoons;standard sticker;Vector material

7. Exquisite sticker label vector material

Exquisite label;stickers;badge;ribbon;bottles paste;origami;tag

8. Retro sticker label 03 Vector

Classic; retro; labels; stickers; bottle stickers; Ribbon; icon; Crown; patterns; lace; borders; lines; percentage; stars; Vector

9. Retro label sticker vector material

Arrow;icon;dialogue bubbles;button;web icons

10. Classic label sticker vector material

The stars;lace;label;classic and practical;stickers;borders;cards;vintage;bottle affixed;heart;classic