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1. Text Effects style file PS material

Text effects;spot;style files;special fonts

2. Style File text effects PS material

Text effects;font;letters;luminous;stroke;relief

3. Cool 3D style website buttons text box PSD material

Cool;3D;button;text box;background;banner;banners

4. The elegant style of text and buttons PS material

Brushes;elegant;text styles;metallic effect;button

5. 6 engraved text effect PS material

Brushes;writing;engraved effect;Style

6. 6 fresh and lovely text effects PS material

Text effects;brushes;fresh and lovely;style;letters

7. The personalized aesthetic romantic style background 4P

background; financial Figure; flowers; Rose; Tower; personality; romantic; patterns; Photo Frame; text

8. Make the Christmas snow words(original tutorial)

... Step 4, Rotate the canvas at 90 degree clock wisely and choose filter style the wind (left),moreover, use CTRL + F to repeat the filter effect again at 90degree counter clock wisely. Step 5, Filter – Blur – Smart Blur, Filter Filter Gallery Sketch torn edge. Step 6, Load the chann...

9. The practical crystal cartoon style icon transparent png

cart; small house;; Warning; arrow; voting; data analysis; printer; crystal button; text; exit

10. The round nostalgic style decorative icons png

png icon; nostalgic; dilapidated; credit cards; mail; paperclip; calculator; volume; arrow; dollar signs; pen; folder; upload; exclamation point; mail; text; paper; Phone ; microphone; trash; magnifying glass; cart; Users