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1. The rose gold European style label vector material

roses; label; graphics; bottle stickers; figures silhouette; women; gold ribbon; banner; Vector; Rose

2. Rose fairy kingdom vector material

Rose Kingdom;Castle;green islands;roses;vines;huge green leaves;the fairy tale world picture material, cartoons AI vector material Free

3. The dream white roses vector material

White Rose; roses; flowers; flowers; dream; background; starlight; Vector

4. The Blooming card background vector material

flowers; flowers; flowers; flowers; bouquet; Rose; Lily; red roses; white roses; lotus; tulips; daisy; flirtatious; bright; cards; background; lover; love; romantic; Vector material

5. Beautiful flowers Vector

fine; flowers; Rose; Pink; flowers; bouquet; the flowers; stamens; tulips; frangipani; Vector

6. The pixel painting pattern background 01 vector material

pixel painting; patterns; patterns; style; shading; mosaic; carpet; Vector; Rose

7. Colorful flowers vector material

flower; the leaves; chrysanthemum; Rose; flowers; Peony; Vector

8. Painted fashionable girl vector material the trend of fashion

painted lady;Rose;label;line drawing;boots;female picture material, EPS vector material Free People

9. Beautiful Christmas background Vector

fine; Christmas; Christmas tree; patterns; shading; dynamic; flow line; stars; posters; background; ball; snow; Gift Halo; the vector material; gift; dynamic lines; Starlight; flash; Rose

10. 165 Travel icon

Travel icon; aircraft; Bowling; poker; puppy; camera; map; badminton; shoes; tableware; You Yongquan; helicopters; dolphins; the sea; Cars; cup; gift; beach; sun; sun; rose; motorboat; envelope; swim; leisure mark; freeware icons EPS vector material download