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1. Vintage lace border vector material


2. Vintage decorative border pattern vector material

Vintage pattern;decorative border;traditional patterns;shading;lace style;painted flowers

3. Vintage European border vector material

Retro Borders;European lace;classical pattern corners;lace style;pattern border

4. Vintage pattern border vector material Vector material

vintage; European; patterns; lace; borders; line art

5. Vintage wedding floral border vector material

Vector pattern;borders;decoration

6. Royal vintage style border vector material


7. Vintage Rose pattern border vector material


8. Vintage decorative pattern border vector material

Retro frame;decorative patterns;flowers;trees;woman;European lace

9. Vintage classic pattern with border 01 vector material

vintage; toilet paper; classic; Phoenix; Ink; Ribbon; shading; radiation; animal; patterns; birds; retro; graphics

10. Vintage classic pattern with border 02 vector material

vintage; toilet paper; classic; animal; Ribbon; wolf; lace; corners; texture; shading; radiation; patterns; retro; graphics; Vector