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1. Paper notes icon vector

Pins; paper notes; stickers; stationery; discount; discounts; sales; hot; new; sale; money symbol; icon; vector material; EPS format

2. Yellow paper notes vector material

Vector; paper notes; stationery; beginning with the needle; transparent tape

3. Green paper notes vector material

Paper notes;environmental protection;tape;roll angle;vector material;EPS format

4. Paper notes with transparent plastic vector material

Vector paper notes; transparent plastic; pins; office supplies

5. Guest Article notes and bulletin board psd material

Vector web design elements;White;Paper;suspension;clip;stationery;paper notes;bulletin boards;notepad paper;tack;wood frame;Vector material;PSD (layered material)

6. Notes, pins vector material

Vector; stationery; notes; pins; paper notes

7. Notes sticker vector material

Stickers;notes;bookmarks;card;pictures;paper;Vector material;EPS format

8. Scrap paper tape vector material

Vector stationery; paper notes; announcement material; paper; Vector

9. White paper clips and pencils vector material

White; paper; paper roll; rolls; paper notes; magnet; magnet; paperclip; pencil; Vector

10. Children and scrap paper vector material

eps format, ai format, vector paper notes;lovely;cartoon;children;vector material