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1. Ink lotus psd material

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2. VI design template Miscellaneous / VI elements AI format vector material

VI design templates; integrated class; VI elements; neckties; advertising umbrella; umbrella; belt buckle; keychain; banner; advertising flags; cars; buses; bus ; train; receipt; documents; watches; overalls; advertising pens; folder; folder; briefcase; bulletin board; box; Bag; paper bag; calendar;...

3. DVD disk design templates PSD material

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4. Taobao Women dress theme design template PSD material

Taobao;Lynx;Women;apparel;dress;joyous fans;years to promote;beautiful models;Fans price;costume themes;traditional dress;thematic design;thematic template;Taobao decoration;shop fitting;fitting template;Web Templates;Taobao template;advertising design templates;PSD

5. Christmas ticket design template vector material download

...d background;blue background;gold background;ticket design;ticket template;advertising design templates;vector material

6. Taobao shampoo National Day theme template PSD material

...bao decoration;shop fitting;fitting template;web templates;Taobao template;advertising design templates;PSD

7. Chinese New Year festive greeting card templates psd layered material 01

Greeting cards; red; New Year; background; template; blessing; packaging design; lace; congratulates the New Year; fish; painting; advertising design templates; source file

8. Spring Deals Hui promotional poster design vector material

...love;heartshaped;Butterfly;pattern;Spring Poster;New Year promotion;Spring advertising;Spring Festival hanging flag;holiday material;poster design;advertising design templates;vector material;;

9. Jingdong big promotion anniversary poster PSD material

...;wallet;promotional activities;promotional posters;Taobao promotion;Taobao advertising;web advertising;Jingdong poster;poster design;advertising design templates;PSD layered material;the source file

10. Simple board page 03

Concise; Templates; Web design; navigation; search box; buttons; icons; scroll bar; advertising; vector material; EPS format