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1. VI complete AI vector template

...g signs; image of the wall; Division flag; vertical flag; entrance facade; advertising signs ; building exterior signs; sanitation supplies; outdoor billboards; outdoor light boxes; company banner; variety identification signs; signs; the tagline wall; standard trial signboard; Vector

2. Online shopping carnival stickers

Taobao; Taobao Mall; Lynx; dual 11; twoeleven; double 11LOGO; double 11 signs; online shopping carnival; Shopping Festival; Taobao LOGO; Lynx LOGO; stickers; carnival stickers; enterprises LOGO; signs; logo ; advertising design templates; vector material

3. Jingdong big promotion anniversary poster PSD material

...;wallet;promotional activities;promotional posters;Taobao promotion;Taobao advertising;web advertising;Jingdong poster;poster design;advertising design templates;PSD layered material;the source file

4. Badge label design vector material

Pink;badge;signs;tag;ribbons;award emblem;shield;advertising stickers;badge design;bottle stickers design;product packaging;EPS vector material

5. Dual 11 shopping festival logo

CDR9; Taobao; Lynx; dual 11; 11 to a double; double 11 signs; double 11LOGO; double eleven; color LOGO; shopping carnival; Shopping Festival; simple LOGO; advertising design templates; vector material

6. Integrated VI element vector material

... stationery; clothes; clothing; foreground; hat; signs; automobile; watch; advertising pen; bus; trucks; handbag; Bag; tie; Vector; VI template; VI; Application Part VI