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1. 6 Metal HD Images

Metal; silver; drawing; frosted; punch; metal plate; titanium; stainless steel; black; silver; background;definition picture; background material

2. Vector material of metal tile texture

Pattern;vector background;background;metals;luster;texture;black

3. Vector material with high noble metal texture

Background;Earth;stripes;fashion;metals;elegance;vector metal;luster;texture;black;simple

4. Hollow steel background vector material

Pierced background;black steel;metal background image material;background EPS vector free

5. Cool Ya delicate pattern background 01 vector material

Pattern;patterns;background;shading;basemap;texture;style;filters;microphone mesh;mesh;metals;seamless collage;grid;circular mesh;black;cool ya;fashion;

6. Designing idea of a button(original tutorial)

...e 1. When began to learn to design and make buttons, I could only set the background color, add shadows, make words white and draw a fillet. 2. Stroke, fonts, Inner Shadow Through viewing many cases, I then mastered some skills, such as inner strokes and IPX deep color strokes to improve the effe...

7. Make A Movie Poster

Ornamental effect The part of details Section 1: Background Processing Step 1, Create a picture with the size of 1500x1200 in PS. Step 2, Create a background layer folder, and drag the prepared stone background materials into this folder. Step 3, Use curves to adjust the layer and deepen th...

8. Use Photoshop to draw the small cute rockets(original tutorial)

...o the right angle and ready it to launch. Step 26, Add the gradient blue background to build the atmosphere of the space. Step 27, Add the “Outer Glow” effect to the whole rocket to make the small rocket more prominent. Step 28, Add the “Inner Shadow”effect and adjust the mode to “Ov...