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1. Blue and White

Chinese wind;blue and white;pattern;tradition

2. Blue and white Virtual Brand

3. Elegant blue color blue and white pattern psd material

Blue and white roses;peony;porcelain;ceramic plate;blue color;orchid;painting;glaze;blue glaze;pattern;lace;PSD (layered material)

4. Western Blue and White PSD material

China;porcelain;ceramics;blue and white;Jingdezhen;decorative;element;plate;pot;cup;tea;crafts;PSD;material;PSD (layered material)

5. Simple blue and white diamond pattern material

Stripes;positive and negative shape;blue and white;png;web design;background;graphic design;fashion;trend

6. wind Chinese blue and white porcelain Vector

Chinese wind; blue and white porcelain; porcelain; classical pattern; plate; Vector

7. Blue and white brush psd material


8. Black and blue and white striped pattern material fashion

Featured background;striped background;wallpaper;squares;background;decorative background;fashion decoration;blue;black;trend

9. Blue gray and white checkered pattern material

Sky blue;diamond;png;web design;background;graphic design;fashion;trend

10. Blue gray and white fashion simple pattern material

Gray;blue;white;trellis;png;web design;background;graphic design;fashion;trend