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1. Fantasy wave background vector material

Wave design;colorful background;Star;patterns;red ribbon;fine with blue background;yellow pattern;EPS vector material

2. Kung Hei Fat Choy 2015 poster design festive download vector material

AICS2;good fortune;2015;Goat;New Year;Year;red lanterns;Star;patterns;clouds;good luck;each child;purse;gold ingots;red background;violet background;blue background;packed with colorful;festive Poster;New Year Poster;holiday material;poster design;advertising design templates;vector material

3. Use Photoshop to draw the small cute rockets(original tutorial)

...o the right angle and ready it to launch. Step 26, Add the gradient blue background to build the atmosphere of the space. Step 27, Add the “Outer Glow” effect to the whole rocket to make the small rocket more prominent. Step 28, Add the “Inner Shadow”effect and adjust the mode to “Ov...