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1. Trend blurred background


2. Blurred sea background in summer


3. Illusion high light blurred background


4. Blur s good brush

PS brush material;ABR (brush)

5. 12 Zhang Gaoqing blurred background

Color HD

6. Motion blur digital psd material

Graphic design;background;fashion;trends;dynamic;material;PSD (layered material)

7. 100 gorgeous blurred background produced Themes necessary


8. High speed motion blur landscape 01 high definition picture

high speed; movement; vague; highway; sunset; road; landscape; HD pictures

9. Landscape of high speed motion blur 03 HD Images

high speed; movement; vague; highway; sunset; zebra crossing; cloud; Huoshao Yun; road; landscape; HD picture

10. Single layer creates iridescent and blurred graphics and icons

...es its origin. http://4designer.com/2015/06/singlelayercreatesiridescentandblurredgraphicsandicons