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1. Cartoon moon label stickers

Stickers; stickers; cartoon; lovely; moon; clouds; the stars; trees; ladders; lawn; halo; books; paper; heart; fish; ship; sea; origami; vector material

2. Cute cartoon sticker labeled 01 vector material

Stickers;stickers;cartoon;lovely;moon;clouds;stars;heart;books;paper;halo;vector material

3. Paste the classic label marked 01 vector material

Classic; labels; stickers; bottle stickers; badge; design; shields; protection; wheat; icon; patterns; feathers; pencil; flame; flames; lace; anchor; books; notes; Ribbon; Vector

4. Exquisite pattern stickers 03 vector material

beautiful; classic; handpainted; illustrator; flowers; patterns; patterns; patterns; lace; petals; lines; stickers; labels; bottle stickers; borders; leaves; veins; books; Vector material

5. Cartoon child illustration 03 Vector

Cartoon; children; children; students; children; illustrations; illustrator; card affixed; stickers; labels; stickers; lovely; joy; handpainted; books; textbooks; the blackboard; apples; schoolbag; learning; pen; Vector

6. Cartoon learning supplies 01 vector material

cartoon; cute; handpainted; icon; icon Year; patterns; graphics; lines; labels; stickers; borders; lace; learning items; learning tools; stationery; school supplies; Globe; school bags; palette; brush; books; apples; bells; leaves; pen holder; scissors; ruler; pen; Vector