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1. Chinese calligraphy background vector material

Vector;calligraphy;font;background;text;Vector material;characters;Chinese;China Wind

2. Several practical background of Chinese wind vector material

Chinese wind;background;vector material

3. Variety of Chinese card background template vector material


4. Traditional Chinese dragon pattern background material

Dragon;background;shading;Chinese dragon;dragon;pattern;vector material;tradition

5. Chinese traditional shading vector material

tradition; window lattice; shading; Chinese wind; background; Vector

6. Chinese traditional decorative patterns pattern vector material

Chinese tradition;decorative patterns;Chinese wind;Chinese elements;floral patterns;background;decorate a shading;patterns;Vector material;tradition

7. traditional shading vector material

tradition; classical; Chinese; clouds; wave of; classical Chinese; continuous patterns; background; continuous background; tiled background; tradition background; wind; classical; Double Happiness; Double Happiness; Vector

8. Phoenix pattern vector material

Phoenix; patterns; peacock; background; classical; Chinese wind; Vector; Chinese elements; Chinese

9. Chinese style layout design elements psd material 01

Graphic design;web design;Vector;background;pattern;fashion;trends;Photoshop;dynamic;flowers;decorative;material;personality;PSD (layered material)

10. Dragon shading vector material

Chinese traditional elements; Long shading; Chinese wind; background; classical pattern; Vector