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1. Q version of Chinese costume wedding doll

Q version;China;fashion;wedding;doll;AI format;;illustrator;Wedding;love;marriage;bridegroom;bride;Vector material;red

2. Red Chinese style auspicious Chinese knot buttons personalized wedding background Free download

Background;personality;red;wedding;auspicious;button;Chinese style;Chinese knot;ai

3. The traditional Chinese Double Happiness vector material

China; tradition; DHS; papercut; China Wind; classical; Double Happiness; wedding; happy event; Vector

4. Chinese traditional red hi word vector material

tradition; red; hi word; dragon; the phoenix; magpies; pomegranate; of Yuanyang; fish; Double Happiness; festive; wedding; papercut; Vector

5. Classical pattern vector material

Vector Chinese wind; traditional pattern; Phoenix; Double Happiness; classical pattern; Chinese dragon; dragon; auspicious patterns; Vector; wedding material

6. DHS 2

AI format;China;tradition;DHS;papercut;Chinese wind;classical;Happiness;wedding;Vector material;hi;red

7. DHS

AI format;China;tradition;DHS;papercut;Chinese wind;classical;Happiness;wedding;Vector material;hi;red

8. Paper cut zodiac Sheep

Sheep;Spring materials;;;Lunar New Year papercut;papercut flowers;floral;floral papercut;papercut freehand;Chinese red;red;wedding;arts and culture;vector;ai

9. Dragon and Phoenix Double Happiness vector material

Dragon and Phoenix; Phoenix; papercut the Shuangxi; Double Happiness; wedding; jubilation; marriage; Chinese dragon; wind; festive; classical background; traditional patterns