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1. Christmas pattern border


2. Christmas star snowflake border vector material

snowflake; stars; borders; pine needles; Christmas; Vector

3. Vector Christmas element border 04 vector material

Christmas; elements; borders; ball; Ribbon; bells

4. the exquisite Christmas border background 02 vector material

fine; Christmas; of Christmas; borders; background; pine; lace; hongguo; ball; rolls; Vector

5. Christmas background

Weaving;pattern;knitting;line;border pattern;shading;Christmas background;pattern underlay;snowflake background;Merry Christmas;design;Shading Borders;background shading;AI

6. Gift boxes and borders Christmas pine tree branches vector material download

Vector material;Vector;design material;Christmas;festive material;creative design;frame;ribbon;bow;pine branches;lob;pegged to the ball;Ribbon;retro;nostalgia;pentagram;EPS

7. European Christmas decorative elements

Christmas decorative elements such as pattern border vector material;Vector material;Vector;design material;creative design;festival material;Christmas;pattern;lace;dividing line;dividers;border;character;bells;Continental;Vintage;nostalgia;EPS

8. Gorgeous Christmas Vector

Christmas; snow; Christmas tree; hanging ball; Ribbon; candles; pine needles; snow; snow; borders; lace; merry; christmas

9. 2011 Christmas pattern vector material

2011; snow; lace; patterns; Christmas tree; borders; lace; Vector

10. dream Christmas vector material 4

border; bow; gift; Christmas; stars; background; dream; spot; flash; Vector; festival