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1. Christmas decorations Vector

Christmas; of decorations; hongguo; Christmas tree; candles; ball; snowman; snow; gift box; ribbons; Santa Claus; bells; cartoon; socks; Vector < br> material

2. Cartoon Christmas element material

Christmas material Daquan;Christmas;Santa Claus;deer;bells;Christmas deer;Christmas hats;snow;socks;Christmas stockings;wreath;garland;Christmas gifts;gifts;Christmas decorations;parachute;umbrellas;festival footage;PSD format;

3. Cute Christmas cartoon vector material

Christmas; snowman; Santa Claus; elk; socks; collar; scarf; bird; cartoon; lovely; ornaments; pull carts; skiing; dance; snow; decorative; Vector

4. Green Cartoon Christmas element vector material

handpainted; Christmas; Santa Claus; magician; Christmas; stars; sled; Christmas tree; Christmas stockings; gift; candlelight; garlands; cartoon; elements; vectors; material; socks; moon; hanging ball; hanging ball; ornaments; decorative

5. Lovely Christmas vector material

shape; Christmas; cartoon; angel; Santa Claus; pigeons; fruit; candy; Christmas tree; snowman; robot; pine needles; cake; police; tanks; cartoon characters; gift; socks; xmas; decoration; cute; of ufo; UFO; crutches;mail; mailbox; Ngau Tau; Vector

6. 2010 Christmas element vector material

2010; Christmas; Santa Claus; cartoon; lovely; snowman; borders; bulletin board; bulletin board; Ribbon; bow; elk; Christmas tree; patterns; candles; socks; snow; hanging ball; decorative ball; balloon; labels; logo; festival; Vector

7. Lovely Christmas element vector material

elk; decorative ball; hanging ball; ball; lace; borders; snowflakes; background; cartoon; lovely; Vector

8. brilliant Christmas elements background 03 vector material

Hyun; brilliant; Christmas; box; festivals; figures; cartoon dragon; elements; decorative; background; Vector material