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1. The 100 models color trend flame element vector material

The 100 models color trend flame element vector material

2. Simple and useful flame effect (original tutorial)

...g graphics or text.   Step 2: outer glow   Step 3: Using color overlay is for the better adjustment of color at the later stage.   Step 4: Using inner glow can make some transparent effect. Step 5: Gloss, also a very important step; the overall result is here and you can...

3. Featured abstract colored smoke high definition pictures (under)

smoke; ink; Symphony; dynamic; aerosol; flame; abstract; Image

4. 3D style logo template vector material

Shape;logo;TV;video;stereo;slate card;flame;round;music;guitar;character;lines;color;superposition;crystal style;vector material;EPS format

5. Use Photoshop to draw the small cute rockets(original tutorial)

... Step 2, Fill the gradient in the layer properties and you can choose the color you like. Step 3, Use the pen tool to draw the dark part of the head and convert it into a selection. Step 4, Feather the selection and choose the appropriate pixels, then it can show the transition effect. Step 5...