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1. Discount tag label

Discount; tag; tag; AI format

2. Discount tag label vector material


3. Color discount tag label vector material


4. Thumbs discount tag vector material

Discount labels;promotional label;discount stickers picture material;labels AI vector material Free

5. Beautifully sales discount tag vector material

Labels;tag;red;gear;pentagram;vector labels;exquisite;sale tags;flash;discount labels

6. Discount store sales tag vector material

Discount label;malls tag;tag;store sales;stickers;promotion;discount label;sales tags;scissors;listing

7. Discount label vector

Fine; discount tag; tag; badges; stickers; vector material; EPS format

8. Beautiful and practical discount sales tag vector material

Labels;classic and practical;logo;discount;mall with labels;vector labels;discount labels

9. Discounts tag

Variety; discounts; promotional label; EPS format

10. Beautiful and practical sales discount tag vector material

Bow;banner;labels;sales;sales element;vector labels;exquisite;dialogue;sale tags;discount labels