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1. Discount label vector

Fine; discount tag; tag; badges; stickers; vector material; EPS format

2. Supermarket discount label vector material

Label;supermarket labels;discount tags;gear label;Ribbon;heartshaped icon;AI format

3. Discount labels icon

Refined; discount; tag; icon; corners; arrow; origami; listed; ribbons; roll angle; discount card; embedded; vector material; EPS vector clip download

4. Color discount labels

Marketing;sales;discounts;stickers;vector;AI format

5. Discount commercial labels vector material

Commercial labels;signs;arrow;fivepointed star;discount;stickers;promotional stickers image material;the label material AI vector free download

6. Supermarket discount label vector material

supermarket; discount; radiation; Vector; cloudshaped; labels; pendant; radiation; tear;star; scattering; invitations

7. Sales discount label vector material

purchase.; Sales; discount; discount; the Dentate circular; Ribbon; decorative; graphics; European; half; Vector

8. Red and white discount label

Product promotion;red and white stickers;discount label;TEAR;Pentagram;discount stickers picture material;malls AI vector material Free

9. Supermarket discount label vector material

Supermarkets;discounts;radiation;vector material;cloud shape;tag;pendants;torn;star;scattering;invitations;EPS format

10. Flower theme discount label Vector the

flowers; discount; half; sales; Vector; flowers; red; coquelicot