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11. Blue cute emoticons material


12. Heart shaped emoticons can vector material

Vector icons;bow;icon;expression;heartshaped;emotions;listening to music;emoticons;cute

13. Cute emoticons vector material 2

guns; cigar; lovely; expression; icon; Vector

14. Cute emoticons vector material 5

proud; tongue; lovely; expression; icon; Vector

15. Cute funny 3D circular emoticons vector material

Vector icons;icons;round;tongue;smile;Funny;emoticons;stereo;cute

16. Cute emoticons vector material 4

wronged; want to cry; lovely; expression; icon; Vector

17. Cute emoticons vector material 03

dining; knife and fork; lovely; expression; icon; Vector

18. Cute emoticons vector material 1

a cup of coffee; lovely; expression; icon; Vector

19. A group of funny emoticons vector material

Vector icons;icons;expression;lucky;Khan;funny;emoticons;sunglasses;cute

20. Cute Chinese heart emoticons material

Icon;China;love;Chinese heart;expression;hearts;lovely